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SOLD--Teknic saddle bags $30 obo

I have a pair of Teknic saddle bags I'm no longer using (sold the bike, not riding anymore). They are very solid performers, and holds enough stuff for a few days on the road. They are designed for sport bikes (I had them on my Honda CBR), but you can really put them on any bike. The side of the bags facing the bike is made of some type of soft material so it won't rub off your paint.

I've tried to show the imperfections as much as possible on the pictures. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at tackle_me_2 at hotmail dot com. I'd like them gone soon as they are just taking up space in my small condo.<br>

Side of the bag:

This is how they go on your backseat (and there are buckles/straps that tie to your foot pegs or frame):

To show you the size of the bags, here's a 6-bottle-pack of beer in the bag, with lots of room to spare (no, the beer does not come with the bags):<br>

The middle strap (shown in the second picture above) has a little rip in it. It doesn't affect performance or use. I just want to show it here:

The previous owner had sewn a corner of one of the bags up. I suspect the fabric got worn through on that corner for some reason. The patch is a very close match of the bag's color. It's on the bottom of the bag and barely visible, but here's a picture of it:
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