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Teknic Speedstar 1 piece leather suit *SOLD*

Top of the line racing suit. Never worn with tags. Comes with Teknic 7 links back protector, liner and Teknic garment bag. Item located in Vancouver.

Model: Speedstar
Color: Red / Silver / Black
Size: 42 US (52 Euro) ***
Condition: BRAND NEW
Price: *SOLD*
* Kangaroo skin outer shell construction offering 40 percent less weight than conventional cowhide and superior abrasion resistance than all other leather hides
* Du Pont KEVLAR branded product. Approved for its correct use and function of Du Pont KEVLAR materials.
* Racer cut: anatomical pre curved arms and legs, developed in conjunction with all Teknic racers worldwide.
* Torso stretch system, for better fit and maneuverability.
* Outer shell of top quality kangaroo hide - 0.8mm thickness.
* TASC (Teknic Advanced Seam Construction). Rows of hidden stitching providing maximum seam strength.
* Molded airflow hump, for better suit aerodynamics, back and neck protection and airflow to the riders back.
* Knox CE approved KFP1 armor in shoulders, elbows, and knee / shin.
* Advanced elbow pocket, secures elbow armor into the outer shell.
* Knee stretch panel allows better knee movement.
* Safety wrap system for seat / chest / legs: a seamless chest and leg side construction
* Safety wrap seat lined with second layer of Kangaroo.
* Full motion arm system, a panel of stretch Du Pont KEVLAR that extends from the cuff to the chest of the suit with no seams.
* Teknic Full motion leg system, a 1pc stretch DU PONT KEVLAR panel from the crotch to the calf.
* Stretch KEVLAR calf expansion panel for improved calf fit.
* Comfort collar system: 1 piece neoprene collar
* Comfort cuff system: new lighter weight and less bulky cuff.
* Ceramic Speedstar knee sliders offer maximum feel, and extended puck life.
* Include 7 link Teknic spine protector, secured into suit with belt loops.
* All zippers are genuine YKK zippers.
* Full frontal perforations, allowing maximum air flow.
* Silver Mighty - 7 lining that is anti-bacterial, non allergenic, and moisture wicking.
* Removable Speedstar Mighty - 7 inner mesh suit is supplied as standard.
* Suit comes with heavy duty suit bag, for travel and storage.

*** Sizing Information: fit of this suit is similar to other top brands of one piece suits. You can use Teknic's size chart to choose a size based upon your chest and waist measurements.

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Item located in Vancouver...this is a great suit for both canyon and track riding. Perforated and comfortable to walk in. Fits 5'8" to 5'11" and 150-170lbs
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