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Tengu.ca XMas Giveaway Thread Free-DVD+Tee+Bike Art!

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edit: The winner is #12. Isleofman86

Thanks everyone for entering I have another interesting giveaway planned in the new year.

Have a great holiday season :cheers

Just in time for XMas i'm giving away this package:
1 Free Copy of Throttle Trauma a locally made stunt DVD by Saturnin
1 Free T-Shirt based on my art from any of the available designs & sizes found HERE
1 Free Matte'd Limited Motorcycle Artwork Print found HERE

How to enter
You must answer these festive questions.
1) The xmas gift you wanted most as a kid. . . but never received :(

2) Have you ever re-gifted and if so what?

3) How have you been naughty or nice over the past year?

4) What would you do if you caught your significant other kissing santa clause (or mrs. clause in the case of women).

5) What would you like to see on a motorcycle related t-shirt?

One winner will be selected from the posts in this thread. One entry per account but feel free to banter about peoples answers.
Giveaway ends Friday Night December 15th.
(we'll arrange pickup/delivery or shipping)

Easy to enter & get free stuff Good Luck!

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1) I wanted the Vanilla Ice tape, but my mom thought it was innapropriate. I suppose it was probably for the best. Who knows how I might have turned out!

2) I re-gifted a bottle of champagne once, but I was 16 and not big on the drinking at that time. I ended up giving it to my grandma, who mixed it with orange juice that morning and... well, I drink now.

3) I think I've been pretty nice this year. I gave away my slightly scratched up helmet to the guy who's doing the custom paint job on my new helmet, just so he could have something to do a showpiece on to build his portfolio. And everyone knows I never do anything naughty...

4) Pictures. Blackmail. Unlimited presents!

5) A hot RR with pink flames ;)
1 - 1 of 78 Posts
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