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That's it, I'm getting a scooter...

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Hilarious! When I was 17 we'd go across the border, rent those little Honda Spree's and run the snot out of them in the retirement trailer parks. :laughing
That looks like a freakin riot.

Only because they have "decently powered" scooters.

But in traffic, holy crap, thats awesome.

That's fuggin awesome!!
I say the motard lads start a Vancouver Hooligan Scooting Subculture!!!!
Let's do it!!!!:rockon
This video was done by the same guys that did one of the best (read: "most insane") bike videos I've seen. I will have to dig it up and (re)post it.
im still building my scoot. hopefully it doesnt blow up.
ah ah i miss the days of my scooter. i mastered the scooter wheelie lol
them be some crazy mofo's!!
Here is another video they did a while back. Its long and the file is big (72 megs aprox.). To download you may have to do the right-click > "save as" routine.

I will leave this up for a couple of days.
I was snickering watching that. it is hilarious. time for a BW club
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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