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The new RC, pure mechanical beauty

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I Like. It's always exciting when the new race bikes come out.
It's taking me a bit to get used to the tail section. It looks kinda small, and blunt i guess. makes the rear tire look huge. I'll get used to it though.

I'm disapointed that the 800cc bikes so far haven't really looked all that different from the 990cc bikes. rather than a complete revamp the bikes are mostly just an evolution then I'd guess.

these bikes are going to make it that much harder for the superbike guys to get into the class. these are going to be 4 stroke 250cc type bikes. hiigh corner speeds.
oh yeah you are right. The Rossi/Burgess team is huge at developing a bike. Hayden not so much, less exerpience and lets face it, his style is somewhat suspect esepcially with the switch to these new bikes.. He's trying to lose his dirtrack style but how much can he be expected to change? Pedrosa could be very strong on these bikes, Honda and Repsol know this.
those are their bikes tho. notice the bigger rear disk on the #1 bike.
it's early yet. I worry too, but, we'll see..
Can't say when was the last time Nicky raced dirttrack but yeah he came to road racing after first racing on dirt. Hey still uses the rear brake quite a bit. more than others probably, I know for a while when he started in motogp he used to have a rubber elastic on his rear brake, making it harder for him to push the lever down, making the brake less effective and sort of trying to train him to not use it.
Without Bayliss in wsbk next year Ducati would be sunk. I have hopes that the Ilmor might be able to do something..we'll see tho.
it's larger because he requires the extra stopping power a larger disk provides as he uses it more than other motogp riders.
1 - 7 of 35 Posts
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