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A lady was shopping in a busy grocery store and was following an old man and his grandson.

The grandson was being a terror. Every time the grandfather would put something in the cart the kid would scream asking for sweets, chocolates, ice cream, and toys.

Every time the boy screamed the grand dad would calmly say " Easy William were almost finished, just relax it won't be long now.

This carried on down each aisle of the grocery store and the lady followed to see how it would end up but each time. The old man in his calm manner. "It's ok William, just take it easy, it's almost over. Just a few more minutes. "

They approached the cash register with the lady following behind and the little kid started throwing items out of the cart and screaming at the top of his lungs !!

The old man calmly kept saying " don't worry William will soon be out of the store, it's almost over. "

The lady followed the old man and kid to the car while he loaded the groceries in the back. She said I'm sorry it's none of my business but you are an amazing Grandfather to this boy. William is very lucky to have you as a Grandad.

The grand dad said actually I'm William, this little bastard is Kevin !!!
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