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They DO sell portable inflators at BK!!!

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I went to BK yesterday and saw them at the end of the Display case where they keep their bike locks and covers. They are made my Airman, retail for $89 and are protable, charged by an AC adapter. Trevor says they work pretty well. Anyone still interested in a group purchase?
They are about the size of a walkman, so they'll fit in most bike trunks.
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I think I would be, ideally we could get a few people and get them closer to the $50 range, but that may be a stretch. ;)
can you please expand on what a portable inflator is? :)
It's a portable air pump that allows you to put some air in your tires.
Yup, what he said. And Trev at BK said it could fill a tire no prob, as long as you've got enough battery.
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