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from another board in calgary

The details of the bike are;

2002 F4i 19,800 kms.
Ferrari red (new paint)
bike was laid down, nothing serious though. I fixed the bike and had another set of fairings painted red and put those on the bike. K&N filter and smoked windscreen.


i think he'd take $6500
keep in mind its my first bike, and yes i've taken the course and have my license

EDIT: then this one popped up!

02 GSXR 600
Blue / Grey

Some scratches on the left side lower fairings, upper left fairing is cracked a bit.

He is looking for $6500

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I would look for something with lower Km's. I've seen newer bikes with lower Km's on this board at around the same range or maybe a grand more. worth it to shop around. I don't think either of these are great deals. Just my opinion.
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