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motherfuker !!!!!!!!wow ,i need a bank that doesnt call the police when i rob it ,,

thats dope! if i had a mill,a tig and a truck full of metal id never leave the shop ,oh and a giant bank account .lol

they have the right idea of where money is best spent--

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Why fork out 65 grand for a Desmosedici when you can .............. Never mind

agreed thats how its done !

they make the coolest shit over there at that shop,that bike will prob cost like 30 grand maybe more ,but they can get it when they want ,no waiting list,the motor migth be an issue to have the real one ,but whatever,the bikes they build are always packed with hp anyway

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I just wet myself. Damnit!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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