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this week (dec 27th) butter chicken event

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I guys. We were 14 last week and it was a pleasure to meet all these people.
there's room for some more..lol
More people = more fun !

Martin :rider
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Hey all!! my bro and i are there...ohhh last one of the year...

lets see if we can drag anyone else out!!

If you have NOT been to butta chicken/tofu night...you should come its a barrell of laughs and good food. Come meet other riders and join the fun!! That goes for everyone...not just the usual crew!!
i'm up for anything
I might be up for an earlier ride...just hangin out with my gf from out of town for a couple of hours...3 ish might be doable!
yup...i'll text you when i'm ready- might be meeting up with some north van riders too...so we can meet them as well
I thought i was leading one bike back ... look in the mirror and there's about 20 behind me :laughing Good blast down the freeway :) Martina, i was debating about try to high-five you :rockon
haha i would have tried too...lol too funny straight out of Wild hogs movie...lol!!

that was a blast..my abs still hurt. see you at the next butta chicken of the new year!! lol!!

Never caught on film before now, Martina demonstrates the Butter Chicken Plate Prayer, a weird ritual that has an even weirder finish, so weird in fact that I can't even tell you where the plate ends up at the end of the prayer.
ummm dude...i don't have man hands...but let me tell you that plate was suurreee warm!!! :rockon
1 - 6 of 54 Posts
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