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this week (dec 27th) butter chicken event

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I guys. We were 14 last week and it was a pleasure to meet all these people.
there's room for some more..lol
More people = more fun !

Martin :rider
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Way to go Martin!!! you posted before Skydive did!!

but you forgot the standard 6pm ride before supper.

Where: Timmies
Time: 6pm

and supper at
8pm at Tandoori Kona on Cambie/No5 in Ditchmond

I might not be able to make the ride though depending on what time I get back from a commitment.... I'll txt our ring leader if I'm able to make it.
Who is our ringleader?
There is only one and only Skydive :rockon that brought all of us together...

... the thought of butter chicken and riding are synonomous with good times :laughing
Do you think it might be possible that we may, one day, fill the whole restaurant?
Last Chicken run of the year! I'm in. See you at Tim's, the weather is supposed to be nice :)
Yes.... get your last Butter Chicken run of the year!!! :rockon

The sun will be shining and dry roads....

Looks like I've managed to free myself of my commitment.... so I'll be there
If the weather is dry and I knew which way you are riding...I could catch up.
Our rides are as unpredictable as the weather usually lead by an unpredictable leader like Alex or Cory; the latter makes us practice our U-turns :laughing

However we are known to speed down River road (I think) that leads from timmies to Richmond exiting on No. 6 road, then probably proceed to the airport loop where we do about half a dozen loop and realizing that we have another hour and a half to ride aimlessly. :rockon

On the other hand, CJ was disappointed on not being able to make English Bay yesterday, perhaps that would be a good ride for tonight.
But today... oooohhh baby... let me tell ya, today... is lookin MY-TEE fine! Making it REAL hard to stay focused on work. NOW is the time to go to Horseshoe bay... in fact, screw horseshoe bay.. nice day for Whistler or beyond, even! :D
The sun is shining!!! It even has those God like rays that reaches out to you, beckoning!! come ride now!!!!

So looks like we are heading for Whistler and beyond!!! :rockon
hahaha no no no, that'd have to be a day time ride. I'm not making any suggestions.
ok.... so you are saying we should start a bit earlier then.... lets say 3?
I might be up for an earlier ride...just hangin out with my gf from out of town for a couple of hours...3 ish might be doable!
:rockon then we can meet up with everyone at 6'ish
yup...i'll text you when i'm ready- might be meeting up with some north van riders too...so we can meet them as well
hmmm.... you need to give me at least an hour now to get ready :laughing

its the makeup y'know
I'm actually at work, so I'm not saying anything :p.
you may be physically there.... but we all know where you really are...

now don't forget those long lunch break :rockon

edit: better yet.... lets call it the martina break.... since she is arranging the 3'ish ride
good supper.... :rockon

as always.... the ride before and after goes well with the er.... butter lamb I think...
But...later on, I found out the group was a bunch of sheep following Martina home when they shoulda been going to the nice warm plates of chicken.
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