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this week (dec 27th) butter chicken event

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I guys. We were 14 last week and it was a pleasure to meet all these people.
there's room for some more..lol
More people = more fun !

Martin :rider
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I'll be there too and bring my pants shocker!
It's been forever since you had them givem up.
Sooooo fricken coooooooold.
Sorry I bailed during the ride but at 8 I had enough and it looked like you guys were going away from Richmond instead of into it.
I like chicken but not that much.
It was at that point and I thought we had dinner arrangements at 8...
Why in Gods name are we not going to dinner at 8?

It was really cold, the outside air bike temp read: -1 F / 30 C shit freezes at that temp and this individualizer went home to dethaw.

But...later on, I found out the group was a bunch of sheep following Martina home when they shoulda been going to the nice warm plates of chicken.
1 - 3 of 54 Posts
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