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in a nut shell: turn ur webcam into a motion activated and recording security camera.

you’ll need:

1. a PC running Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP (the software is untested on Windows 95 and NT, but should work)
2. a webcam
3. Dorgem - an open source (free) webcam utility. (http://dorgem.sourceforge.net/)


1.install your webcam
creative labs - http://www.creative.com/language.asp?sDestUrl=/support/downloads
logitech - http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/downloads/categories/CA/EN,CRID=1794
labtec - http://www.labtec.com/index.cfm/service/listing/EUR/EN,crid=68,crid2=1764
dlink - http://support.dlink.com/chooseCountry.asp

2. download and install dorgem (link above)

3. launch dorgem and select your camera

4. click the source button and make any adjustments to your camera (brightness, contrast, etc)

5. click the Options button

6.place a check in the box labeled USE MOTION DETECTION. note:Certain Webcams (most often Labtec) can require Dorgem to “reconnect” after a certain period of no motion being detected. For now leave this box unchecked. If you notice that your Webcam isn’t capturing any images even though it should have, revisit this section and place a check in the box. It should be noted that if you do need to use this setting, your cam will likely take a picture every time Dorgem “reconnects” to it, so try using 5 minute (or higher) intervals. Otherwise you’ll end out with a LOT of pictures, most of which won’t have captured actual “motion”.

7. Click OK after you have enabled motion detection to return to the main Dorgem window. Now you’ll need to create a ‘profile’ - which Dorgem refers to as Storage events. Click the Store settings button to create an event.

8. choose file and click ok

9.Enter a Name: for this event, make sure Enable is checked, and then set an interval. Since you’ll be using motion detection, you probably want to capture images fairly “closely together” - so try 1 or 2 seconds. If you know for certain that this camera will detect a lot of motion (your camera faces an area with a lot of movement) you may want to set this somewhat higher. This setting can always be changed later, so experiment a bit.

10.Here you’ll be setting the folder to save images to, and the actual filename for each image. Dorgem allows special characters in file names so that each name is unique (otherwise each time your camera detected motion it would take a picture and over-write the previous one). Somewhere in the file name, enter the characters %g - which will give your file name a time-stamp. If you use %G in the file name, it will also add the current year.

Because my camera is taking pictures of movement on my patio, I named the file garage%G%g. This results with images being saved as garage20060926165001.jpg. Broken down that’s garage - the current year - the current month, day, hour, minute and second. Click OK after you’ve selected a folder and file name.

11. click OK

12. Click close to return to the main dorgem window

13. wave your hand in front of the camera. throw somethin within its view. jump in front of it like an idiot. if everything is correct, you should have some iimages saved in the folder specified. go check it out

14. if there isnt anything, go back to step 3 and do it all over again.

yes birds will trigger it

multiple webcam write up comin up soon, back to work first

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Sounds like a pretty good idea for those without secure storage.

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Make sure you get a camera with enough resolution, clarity, and low-light performance to be useful. A blurry 300x200 picture will get you laughed at if you try to get someone to use it for evidence.

Still, this is a really cool setup. I remember seeing one for Linux on which you can define specific areas of the picture to watch (ignore the bush next to your car, for example) to speed processing. Oh, and it would record *video* if motion was detected, not just stills.

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This is like setting up a camera to watch your girlfriend getting her brains screwed out of her by some unknown guy with a mullet.
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