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to kamloops and back and tragedy close to home

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as posted in 'interior riders' section and islandriders.ca...

my buddy chris and i had an awesome ride to loops and back. highway nirvana. had a delay in langley, getting new diablos put on the gixxer 1000. decied to since my battleax's were down to wearbars and it looked like it might rain. in fact, the weather stayed perfect the whole trip. we took agassiz to hope, then hwy 1. coming back on sunday we took old hwy to merrit then merrit to spences bridge then to agassiz again then through mission. it was a 'spirited' ride to say the least. we had to stop lots to stretch though. zero cops till i got 1 block from my mom's house haha! a dodgy cat saved me from flying by him though. on the way back different story. YALE is always a speed trap it seems. we made it through there and saw several on hwy 7 between agassiz and mission. the diablo supersports are nice btw.

on a sad and tragic note,
a lifelong friend and guy i sorta grew up with, was killed on his bike in vancouver friday night. i was informed when i arrived at my mom's on saturday night in loops. his family is very close to ours. i did not even know he had taken up riding. he brought his new bike up to loops this summer i am told. i am still waiting for details. I am deeply saddened by this. i wish i had had a chance to ride with him and experience his joy in the sport.
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i will post a name and some more info when i have facts.
I am sorry to hear this. RIP Rider.
Thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends...
Sorry to hear about another tragedy - sincerest condolences to the family and friends.
RIP rider...never gets any easier.
thanks for all your kind words and friendship everyone. i've had trouble getting through to his parents, understandably. so far all i know from my grandmother, is that a drunk driver hit him. words cannot express how i feel about that. i've had to counsel too many grieving parents in recent years.

heres a link to his obit. i was surprised to see that he was older than me. all my life i thought we were the same age. he was deaf and overcame adversity so well throughout life. he was a strong person.
Darrin, I am gald you had a safe trip there and back...despite the hiccups we had up until we branched off in Langley.

and on the other note, I am very sorry to hear about the tradgedy involving your friend. I life taken at the hands of an idiot cager whos had too much to drink is a hard thing to accept. I hope they throw the book at him...which probably will be nothing more than a fine and probation. as usual, you can call me anytime bro.

RIP rider my heart goes out to his family and friends
Really sorry to hear about this, Darren. Though your ride took you along the same routes a group of us took on Saturday, ours didn't end with bad news awaiting for our arrival. I know you've been through a lot in the 'losses' department so if it helps: I'll be thinkin' of you (and the rider's family) and invite ya to call me if you need an ear to blast at. ;)

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