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Today Was A Good Day.

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Woke up this morning, had to pop into to work for a few hours. Got paid overtime for three hours. Went home to meet the UPS guy dropping off my new Jardine RT-One Race slip-on. I drooled over it for a little while, then I went to pick up my freshly powdercoated white wheels from the coaters. Went to the dealership and bought a ZG double bubble smoked windscreen while they threw the tires back on my rims. Finally, I went home and put the thing back together. All I can say is I love the way my bike looks now. It pretty much complete as far as I can see. Pipe sounds and looks great, red paint stand out amongst all of the blue R6's, especially with the white rims and the other little touches set it off. Anyway, just thought I would share my excitement with you guys. I didn't plan on doing all of these mods on one day, it just happened like that. Nice to get everything done in one shot. Now all I have to do is insure the beast!
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You got lucky having it all come together on the same day. How does the Jardine sound? Post a clip. How much did you pay for the ZG screen, and where did'ja get it? Did'ja have to order it in?
post pictures man post pictures.....I think I am going to stay with my stock can....will stand out, with everyone getting after market cans....lol :D
Human, you and I both! Sure, the stock cannister is big and rather plain looking. But it works for now and will leave it that way for the time being. :)
where'd you get the powder cating done and did they do a good job??
I got the powdercoating done at Apex Finishing in Burnaby. $40/rim. The wheels had to be walnutted (sandblasting for powdercoated finishes). I got that done at Airstrip in Richmond. The wheels were picked up by the powdercoating shop for me as they deal with each other on a regular basis. Got a shop to take tires off and put back on. I did the rest myself. The windscreen was purchased at North Shore Suzuki Yamaha for $120. They only have screens for Yamaha R6's and Gixxers. They could probably order one for a Kawi though. The Jardine sounds awesome. It is pretty loud and has made the bike have extremely good throttle response. I will have some pics sometime soon. I don't have a digital camera, but I can take some pics and scan them. I think I'm pretty much done modifying. I don't see that there is much else I can do, or sorry, would want to do. Maybe some carbon fiber accent pieces for the chain guard and ram air covers. Thats about it. I'll try and post pics of the bike soon. I plan to insure it on April the 2nd.
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