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PRSmechanic you said exactly what i was thinking
i went last year for the first time and had a blast
then my bike broke a few weeks ago and i was willing to skip the toy run and call it a year up until friday of last week i realized i could'nt miss it went down to supersport got a used regulator raced over to walmart for some toys and had another great toy run

85.oo regulator 20.oo toy knowing some kid is going to get a present on christmas PRICELESS

see you all there next year

There used to be a tradition with one of the clubs to put in a buck or 2 and then guess how many harleys were broken down allong the road.
1 point for simply stopped by the side of the road
2 points for stopped & puking oil
Closest, but not over won the pot.

As baracade guy, I did see a straggler come chuffing and stumbling buy but I didn't see any broken down. Maybe we'll have to add BMW's that grenade their final drives or sportbikes that crash.

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I have always assumed and will continue to assume that the Toy Run is a PR event, to encourage the public that all these "bad boys and girls" are really nice people. i.e. "HD riders don't sell drugs" Well from the pictures every year, they sure don't look like anyone I would associate with. What is with all that poor fashion. Yikes, "I am really a surgeon and a nice guy, but I like dressing like a drug dealer."

I believe sportbike riders do not have a "bad" image that needs correcting, and I know many of us here support all sorts of causes, with or without a show. Don't ever expect me to support a cause that is going to redeem me in the eyes of a stranger.

Sadly, I've done many toy runs over the years and had to come to the same conclusion. This year I just loaned my 'cruiser' to a friend (who, frankly, needed 'image repair' as provided by the Toy Run). Personally, I'll contribute to the fund, both in cash as well as in time spent volunteering. But I don't think Ill be doing anyone a disservice by NOT showing up on my sportbike.
41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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