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toyota late and early stuff plus a ford bronco

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one last try here
2 rear taillights 90 4runner no cracks 10 bucks for the pair
90 4runner papers from out of province . 50-

3 Mint 90 4runner rust free doors left

1.passenger front red (no guts no glass)$40-
2.drivers door red (no guts no glass)$40-
3.passenger rear black all the guts glass(just bolt on) $40-

early bronco v8 Rad $25-obo
22rE rad out of a 90's model auto or standard works with either out of an auto has the bototm cooler if you have a auto tranny plugged for the moment due to using it with my old 5 speed. $25-
904runner front bumper stock painted black with hd rock guarding and turnsignals $15-
Set of 4 35 X12.5X15 inch tires % is not bad left and non stocker maggy type rims off a 86 toyota sas'd
Will be picking it up this weekend and getting rid of tires rims asap!
Contact me to discuss the price 604-720-9179

Image of 4 tires & 4 rims

Will have some stock front and rear 86 4runner bumpers available soon for whatever price?
SAS Complete toy apare Axle for sale $350- May possibly have the third taken out rofl

[email protected]


pictures at the original link
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The upper part itemized for your easy viewing

Bronco tub in great shape
Tailgate X2 one mint other would be used for scavaging $800- without papers or $1100- with them!

Doors mint all i can say $400 for the pair includes windows upper metal part bolt on and inner door panles levers

fenders in good shape very useable $150 pair

Grill hood strikerposts brand new 2 inner panles left and right side loads of extra little shat! Wiper motor windshield frame and window
Inner fender panles $450 all of this gear or ask me if ou need just one part will split up

Its bascially a complete go if your looking for a full 1967 body on a 75 frame - 75 paperwork

Or take the whole unit all the gear for $1050-

The lower half itemized for earier viewing

Frame no holes good frame with gas-tank $125-
Dana 44 front $450-
9 inch rear $450-
driveshafts front and back $75-

Xtended radius arms $450-

part 3
EFIt 3 5 .0 L mustang engine 91 year
comes with X2 5.0L symbols
edelbrock valve covers
new gaskets
clutch flywheel still on the back of the engine

Full mustang exhaust with flowmasters dual and h pipe $100-

Bellhousing manual $50 bucks obo

Ford oil pan $30-

np435 tranny $100-
np205 married $125-
add adaptor conecting the np205-np435 $50-

or just take the whole unit for 2500 cash $2500-Takes it * paperwork ready*

Just no time to have fun and wrench Call me anytime 604-720-9179
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oh yeah billy if you want to trade something call me asap 604-720-9179
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