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I suddenly have more free time this summer due to some changes, and I'm now looking to swap my current sportbike for a dual or dual plus cash on the dual traders end, depending on the dual. A KLR plus cash is ideal. I like KLR's personally, but KTM's and BMW 650's are always a possibilty.

Up for swap is a Buell XB9R, 2003, extremely clean bike. Tires recently new (Pilot Sports) and dealer maintained for its 12,000'ish kms. Racing ECM, most bad a$$ idle ever (stock ECM included also), nice rider smooth in town, a monster in the twisties. Has custom aftermarket exhaust installation, and sounds like hell unleashed. Best handling bike I've ever ridden, and the best sound too.

Really cool engineering, like the fuel in the frame, inverted disc, and oil in the swingarm. Very small bike, chassis is 250GP geometry reminiscent. A BLAST to ride, and the sound, oh my... Something out of the ordinary from all the Jap bikes.

Please email at [email protected] if interested. :rockon

Here is the bike:

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