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i have a set of trailtech dual HID helmet lights i used for the 24 hr couple weeks ago.


you get.6-batteries,1flood hid,1 spot hid,hid control switch,.smart charger,cord to run to your existing lights or stator,locking velcro,carrying bag.plus a few small spares.

Trail Tech helmet mounted HID lights put out 76 watts of halogen equivalent light while only drawing 13 watts per light (26 watts total).

4 batteries are unused,2 were cycled on the charger threw the night 1 time each.these are real hid and are bright as hell.they draw nearly no power.this setup aint cheap new.iam guessing about 700 with tax up here.

i'll take 450 for all of it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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