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Transition From Stick To Bike?

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if you know how to drive stick, does it make the transition from riding alot easier?...i know riding and driving are nothing alike, but i mean the concept of shifting is the same. so is it easier knowing wen to shift because u know how to judge by sound, and u know how to be smooth off the clutch? or does it make any difference at all? and is shifting hard? like the actual action with ur foot? to me it seems like it mite be a bit tricky to get use to...

thanx. and payce.
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Being able to drive stick will give a bit of an advantage. Useing your left foot to shift up or down isn't hard at all, you just have to keep track of what gear you're in as there is no indicator. That and you can't shift from 1st to 6th all at once, you have to hit the shifter up once for each gear you want to go to. When I started riding in September I took lessons first. I had never drivin stick before so when I sat on a bike for the first time on a Saturday shifting gears and the clutch was all new to me. I took my MST a day later and road tested two days after that and passed both. But like Cam said, take a course, it's the best thing you can do for yourself. Best money you'll ever spend.
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