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Triumph Daytona 675

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How is this bike?
anybody know?
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2006 motorcycle of the year according to Motor Cyclist.
I think I saw a review of it on driving television as well. Pretty good all around from what it sounds and plenty of mid range torque.
I test road this bike on a Triumph Demo day on the Columbia River Gorge.

What a bike, incredible torque for a 657cc motor.

Actually fairly spacious for a 600.

I'd buy one if I was looking for another bike, although I make the bike look tiny with my large stature.

Simply amazing !!
All the press seem to like it. Good for Triumph for saying 'screw the 600 cc cap, we aren't going racing' and doing their own thing with a triple and 675cc.

Apparently the sound of the engine and exhaust note is supposed to be intoxicating. I considered the charcaol grey one, but with only one left to come to Western Powersports, they just weren't willing to deal, so I got my GSX-R750 for $2000 less than the Triumph. That's alright though, I LOVE my Gixxer! It too has won some 'best sportbike' nods this year and it's like a 600 on steroids.
All I can say is theres nothing like a triple! Sweet motor in that thing, pulls way harder through the midrange than any 600 and has enough top end to hit warp factors.

Would make an awesome race bike!
WHY, god speed has it right ,good for you another happy gixxer owner. those who RIDE them know.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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