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two stroke information?

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Perferably vintage. :laughing
just thinking about stuff. I don't really know too much about 2 stroke dirtbikes so tips, tricks, and general advice is appreciated. I've been dirtbiking for years, but have never owned my own bike and have never really been around too many 2 strokes. I've rode a buddies kx250 a bit, but never really had too much space in which to use it. that's would be about it for 2 stroke experience.
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ATF will work just fine in that incredibly awesome looking specimen of a bike.Being that it's in such good condition,and a 125, I wouldn't bother with too many add ons for that bike.It will never be a great trail bike but it will definatly get you you through the trails.That one is in collector condition.Take care of it!
You gotta get yourself a manual for that bike.Chances are that the transmission oil amount will be cast on the side of the case, but more than likely there will be a small bolt that you can remove and when you have put enough oil in there, it will start to pour out the hole.The crank on a 2 stroke is lubricated by the fuel.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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