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Undertails, are they worth it or overpriced??

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I'm seriously considering getting a undertail to clean up the ugly rear end on my bike.... but most of the ones i've seen on gixxers are hideous. What are your guys recommendations? Or should I just do the classic hack and chop job on my baby??

Eeeek :eek mudflaps dont get any uglier than the ones on the new gixxers :noevil
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I say chop the undertail yoursef,and paint it!
I don't do the paint myself.....I have a painter. if you go back to that Kawi with the undertail exhaust and have a good look at it,I'm thinkin the rear shock would last about a month before needing a rebuild......................fuck do ya see how close the head pipe is to the shock itself? CHEESEY. sorry but thats just what I see!
1 - 2 of 46 Posts
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