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Undertails, are they worth it or overpriced??

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I'm seriously considering getting a undertail to clean up the ugly rear end on my bike.... but most of the ones i've seen on gixxers are hideous. What are your guys recommendations? Or should I just do the classic hack and chop job on my baby??

Eeeek :eek mudflaps dont get any uglier than the ones on the new gixxers :noevil
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Hu99 said:
Nice little signals, Vreck!

Now let's see a pic when she's all put back together.
Thanks Hu99, it is still pretty rough, but it will all come together soon. And if we get all the snow/rain that the Weathernetwork is calling for, it looks like I may have a couple weeks.
bl1tz said:
do undertails serve a purpose?:confused
Yeah, they look the biz!:cool
GTI said:

So do the smaller turn signals make it less safe?
I don't think so. They're usually as bright as the stockers so the only difference in visibility is when they're not in use.
Re: CheapER Undertails

Man, no undertail for the R6? $389 CDN would be a great deal.

dknite said:
Here is some cheaper undertails for hondas and gsxers and they all sell for $389 cdn inc tax i think

'00-'01 cbr 929
Re: Re: CheapER Undertails

HDs99 said:
Man, no undertail for the R6? $389 CDN would be a great deal.

They're are tonnes of undertails made for the R6. If you need help finding them, let me know.
i saw some undertails in a catalougue at BK for $330ish for various bikes. I can't remember the name of the catalouge, but its 3 letter, LMT or something, and they also have huggers for $219 for Kawis. I might have to indulge myself when i get some coin together.
41 - 46 of 46 Posts
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