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k guys first i want to thank all of you for your part in making this happen, either you were at the fundraiser, or you have donated items, or even if you just through this took some time out and remembered cody, and the fine young man that he is, this was the second fundraiser and i cant believe the support you all have given along with my family and friends, i was scared this was not going to be as good as last year because of the time that has gone by, yet to me it is like yesterday, i know cody is smiling down with a proud heart and as my tears fall i wish his lost of life didnt have to be the reason for this event. i miss him so much.

we raised $3600.00 and we sponsored 6 families one family had 4 young children, i know we all made a difference in their lives, as i could tell by the smiles on their face. through this all i realized that alot of these girls who are trying by still going to school even though they themselves have children, not only need help at christmas, but need help with making it on their own i have started gathering house hold items and im going to arrange with the school that they attend to let me know what the girls need to furnish their home and hopefully through the donations we can be of more help.

so once again thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and keeping cody's memory alive, i know i will see you all again next year, take care god bless and have a safe and happy holiday season. sincerely cody's mom sharon

p.s. there will be an article coming out in the tri city paper on cody's legacy i will let you all know when, as soon as i get the email stating which one.
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