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I also second the proper full circle zip idea. You don't have to do it up but at least you have the option.

And Adam, What's wrong with basic black? At least you don't need to get a new set whenever you change your bike color that way..............

Also the perfs are a GREAT idea but IIRC that particular jacket has a liner that only has a couple of zipper vents inside the chest area. From my experience with my perf jacket those simple zip vents won't do enough on a hot day. Go for a perf jacket that has an overall mesh fabric liner instead. And on my jacket most of the cooling air comes in from the arms and along the side of the chest. But maybe that's the over protectivness of the Kawi fairing coming into play...... :D For cooler days just put a rain jacket on over the leather jacket. That's worked like a charm for me.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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