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My bike got ripped off at the start of Aug and i've given up the dream that it's coming back, so it's time to raise money for a new one by selling off what's left of the old.

here's what i got left of the stock stuff...

rear seat
rear passenger pegs
front blinkers
rear tail light
front leavers and stock bar ends
stock ehaust cans

all are in great shape. just looking for best offer on the stock items, so pm me if your intrested and if the offers fair the item's yours.

I also i have a set of Akrapovic TI regular mount slip-ons for an SP-2 that i bought off ebay just before the bike got ripped off that i'm welling to let go for 700. both can's are in mint shape aside from slight band wear. rather sell these locally than deal with shipping. PM if your intrested.... Beak
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