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Hey all, this won't be as good as Don's reports so don't expect much, but I wanted to drop a quick report on roads in and around WA east of the I5.

I road last weekend & yesterday, getting out with old man bakwheeltango...

Starting in Sumas, took the #9 and connected up the South Pass to Silver Lake and through to Maple Falls. South pass was great, no debris whatsoever.
Silver Lake is where there is still some dirt/gravel in corners; nothing too concerning, but I wouldn't be testing lean angles yet.

Took Baker hwy to about 10 minutes past Glacier and the road was quite wet (this was last weekend), so ended up turning around. It was dry to Glacier and no significant debris. The road continues to get bumpier each year it seems.

Yesterday we took the #9 from Sumas all the way down to Arlington. No issues, dry and debris free.

From Arlington, went east on the #530 to Rockport and connected to #20 to Marbelmount. No issues (and the #9 down to Arlington is a fun little section albeit short)

From Rockport connected back down the Concrete Saulk Valley Road. Other than some flying leaves and small twigs across the road, no noticeable dirt/gravel in any sections. Connecting to S. Skagit Hwy from there it was good and dry again, however, a few sections of loose dirt, but again, nothing of major concern.

I wanted to swing through Mosquito Lake Road on the way home, but were running late.
All and all, a good day spent roaming around and conditions are pretty favorable for this time of year; especially with the last several days of dry weather.

Hope you all are getting out and enjoying the weather!
On that note, the air is still quite cold and bundling up with multiple layers was a blessing. I have a heated jacket liner on order for a May long weekend trip to Leavenworth that I'm sure will be welcomed.

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