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Was...ride this weekend?...now...Break-In

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Sure, I would love to go except that I am going through my god damn break in period. Hate it, cannot wait till it is done. I have been staying under 4000 RPM's and sometimes moiving it up to 5000 when accelerating. I have been reading all the threads regarding break in and am so darned confused. Can anyone just tell me straight or people that own or have owned Zx-6Rs give me their experience with breaking in their Ninja. Thanks.
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I am at 700 kms on my 2002 ZX-6R and I kept it below 5000 for the first 250 kms and still do for the most part. But now I also take quick runs up to 8000 rpm when passing people and such. I think that should be fine for it and I am almost at my 1000 kms now.
with my 6r, i just took it easy for the first 600kms (below 4000) then around 700 or so i started tearing it up (redline).

weather doesn't look like it's gonna be on our side this weekend
for my break in, (only 3 short weeks ago) I kept it under 4000 for 200kms then went as high as 45-5000 until about 600kms, all the while occaisionally giving her a good run to about 7000. Then at about 600kms i kept her around 5000rpms until 8-900kms and then after 900km's i went on the highways and thoroughly gave almost all the gears a good hello, not really redlining anything until after 1000kms.
The basic idea is to ride your bike like you normally would, giving each gear a solid chance to wear in a bit. As the lower gears start to wear in, go up a gear and do the same. Even after my 1000km maintenance, i'm still breaking in the higher gears, putting each gear to the red line before shifting. I haven't redlined the 5th or 6th yet though. Just no real opportunities.
I haven't redlined the 5th or 6th yet though. Just no real opportunities.
When I got my insurance for that one day, I went out to roberts bank and went 300rpm's into the redline in 6th and reached 285KM/h indicated. Probably could have barried the needle but was gonna run outta road soon. Better safe than sorry :D

PS. If I insure this weekend and its sunny I am in.
Wow Ryan, your speedo is WAY off.

My bike does a top speed 267km/h indicated, and according to the mags my bikes faster than yours.
I bet I weigh a lot less than you do though. Oh I also checked my speedo acuracy one day on zero avenue when they had this thing on the side that posted your speed. It was not monitored by any officer or anything so I went back up the road and passed it with my speedo saying 180 km/h and the thing at the side saying 182. It is pretty close on I would say. It will be perfectly acurate once I get my yellow box to compensate for my sprocket change.

It was one of these things....
Not to start a huge dispute or anything. But every R6 does 267km/h indicated. And again, my top speed is higher than yours according to the mags.

And ya, I do probably weigh more than you - in fact I know I do, your a rake. :eek But I wouldn't imagine it would be that drastic.

You sure you didn't have blurred vision at 280whatever ? :D
We will have to see when I get the yellow box installed. Or I could get my cop friend to bring his radar gun some time and meet and clock me at top speed. How much do you weigh ?
You have a cop friend who would clock you on a public road doing 260kph!?

By the way, I did a few top speed runs on my R1 at sea level and the speedo read 284kph. Realistically I was going 270kph.
Well not any road, but ya they would do it in a curtain place that I cannot name. I have lots of connections cause my sister works for the North Van RCMP.
top speeds on all the 600s are virtually identical, maybe a 4-5mph difference from the fastest to the slowest....

your speedo will be much less accurate when doing 260+ km/h than 180 km/h as well. the weight of the rider should not affect top speed, it will affect how fast you can get to top speed though :) so you guys who think your packing a little extra, time to hit the gym :laughing :laughing

ps, i'm still down for the ride this weekend :)
If you want to run fast go out to Roberts Bank
Digi168 said:
If you want to run fast go out to Roberts Bank
I do all my highspeed testing at Colebrook road in surrey (where the street drag racers used to race), it's compeltely deserted and no place for a cop to hide, as well as no sideroads so you're safe to unleash the beast :)
Sorry guys, I had to clean out the thread:D .

weight won't be a factor. I doubt it would make that much of a difference. Unless you weigh 100lbs soaking wet. A bike can only go so fast based on it's gearing and the RPM that you can reach. Ryan, I'm assuming that you have added a couple in the rear or gone down one tooth in the front? This would make your bike indicate a higher speed than you are going and actually have a lower top speed than a stock ZX-6R. Maybe 20 kph or so. absolutdm is right. The R6 has one of the most accurate speedos of any bike out there and they top out between 260 and 270. Wind resistance could be a factor, but once again, you'd have had to have one heck of a gust to make you go 280+ kph.
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