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Wednesday 15th - you know it - butter chicken night

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Anyone up for indian food again this wednesday night. Weather looks crappy, but you can always drive, right?

8pm at Tandoori Kona - Cambie and No.5 road in Richmond.

They have power, and they know to expect a few of us :)
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if all goes well..

Anyone up for indian food again this wednesday night. Weather looks crappy, but you can always drive, right? 8pm at Tandoori Kona - Cambie and No.5 road in Richmond.
i'm workin that nite, but may be off by 8thirty or nine.. no idea depends how busy, pm me on how to contact you alex n maybe i'll give you a call, i'll be in annacis isl so i can drive over afterwards for at least a drink or somethin..

we'll see..
haha! yeah, now a lot of people will show up :p won't have to worry about that damn crazy redhead
you a redhead!!?? damn; sorry mates, i dont think i can make it!!! lol...:surrender

jk, i think i'll be there round nineish.. i'll text you otherwise alex..
sorry i missed it y'all...

work was crazy, i decided to bail on the butter chicken seen as it was gonna obviously be a long night for my mate, doing half the d/ town load.. so we piled all 21 skids into one truck, headed out only to camp out at second stop due to a failed solenoid which kept the tail gate from operating..

long story short, i just got home, 1:42am; thanks to a long flat head screw driver mech. John gave us to short the replacement solenoid {also fried} which enabled us to finish the run without having to head back to annacis isl. to change trucks!!! pheeww!!! im tired... funny how short little span of attention and patience you get when you're freakin' dead beat!!!

off to bed... pray weather holds off so i can pick up my baby in the morn..!!! nite all!!!:surrender
N' it keeps going and going...nothing last longer than the energizer bunny!

i gotta tells ya!! went for a ride yesterday after picking up my bike, and i was really sad to putter up on the stands at the en...

i'm just so glad i have this thread to keep me entertained while i soak up in our fabulous dirty local water with me and myself at the end of the day...

here, check it out!! :thumbup
Huh???!!!!.........like I get the whole dirty water ref. but............Huh???!!!!
heay, i felt lef out aight!!!?? :laughing
well thanks for the compliment mr tGod!!!

i'm a god as well dontchaknow!!!

heres to you!!! :thumbup

Dionysos is the god of wine, intoxication, and creative ecstasy. He is also known as Dionysus, Bacchus or Bakchos, and Liber (Roman). His attributes in iconography include a drinking vessel, an ivy wreath, grape vines, and the thyrsos (a long fennel stalk topped with ivy leaves).
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Must have been the God of " DRY HUMPING " with that weiner.


i'm sure there is a reason them greeks are poets and 'mythologists'!!! LOL:devillook
Now i'm going to clean the bike and go riding !! :D

speaking of riding!!! its actually semi-nice out... anyone up for a quick ride??? post on thread just added...!!:rockon
missed y'all out there today!!! and i actually did manage to break one or two landspeed records after all!!

here check it out!! :thumbup

lol, just couldnt resist!!!:rockon
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