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Wednesday 15th - you know it - butter chicken night

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Anyone up for indian food again this wednesday night. Weather looks crappy, but you can always drive, right?

8pm at Tandoori Kona - Cambie and No.5 road in Richmond.

They have power, and they know to expect a few of us :)
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fuk - makes a change - come on down :)
Chances are i'll ride down as well (i'm english - rain is my thing :laughing). Can go for a ride before/after.
i'm eating subway right now man ... You know - the subway right next to the indian :laughing
carpe diem :D
"Hi My name is Alex, and I am a Buttar Chicken Addict!"
I prefer to remain anonymous ;)
2nd rule .. you know ...
3rd rule - butter tofu is NOT an acceptable substitute :p
sounds like a strange and twisted cult - i think we should stay as far away as possible ..
how about it NOT being butter chicken? F$#ed up enough for me ...
I try not to think - it hurts. Could always post the next one up in there, assuming there'll be one next week :)
I'll be riding if my girlfriend isn't coming
Hey I might be there...have to re arrange a few things...mmmmbutter chicken
Any updates on your ride at all? Be good to see ya tonight if you can come :)
Yeah, i was driving down westminster highway earlier and all the traffic lights were out - chaos even then. It's gonna be messy tonight if it's still like that.
Just called em - they got power and know there's a few of us arriving at 8 tonight :)
Thanks for coming everyone. Good to see ya !! :)
Cheers until the next butter chicken night!
read: cheers until next week :rockon
:eek we're breaking rules number one and two right now .....
These aren't the pakoras you're looking for ...
Where's the fluffy dice?
Leather? I think i should get one of these to keep the gf in her place. Check it out :thumbup
1 - 20 of 139 Posts
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