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Wednesday 15th - you know it - butter chicken night

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Anyone up for indian food again this wednesday night. Weather looks crappy, but you can always drive, right?

8pm at Tandoori Kona - Cambie and No.5 road in Richmond.

They have power, and they know to expect a few of us :)
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"Hi My name is Alex, and I am a Buttar Chicken Addict!"
Hey Alex,

Just a thought-shouldn't this thread be moved to Events 'cuz it seems to happen every week dispite the fact that it's rain or shine, ride or no riding! LOL

Hope u'll never get tired of buttar chicken!
Errr, there is still power in Richmond otherwise I'd be getting off work right now!

Ride safe CJ.
No need to harass me! Let me just dig out my shiny salsa shoes and let's go salsa!

THis thread is still useless with the photo post!!!
N' it keeps going and going...nothing last longer than the energizer bunny!

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1 - 9 of 139 Posts
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