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Wednesday 27th. Local roads

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Meet: Timmies @ Queensborough
Time: 6pm meet. Leave around 6.30
Destination: Local roads + wherever people wanna ride.
Pace: Moderate

Who's up for it?
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Are you sure you want to leave at 630pm? It'll be sooooooooo dark!!!
Not only you got to ride the butterfly loop a few time, you also got the warm buttah chicken as the reward in the end! Great night guys! :rockon
We could do it all over again, plus the buttah chicken. I know Sonny will be down! :)

Great ride everyone. Thanks for organizing the ride Alex. Nice to meet all of you...to those we joined in Richmond, sorry for making the 8 pm meet into a 9 pm meet. The airport loop is a lotta fun, and the Butter Chicken was delicious.

How about tonight?! See Martina's post! I think she wants to rip around at west end with all the twisties in her mind!

How about friday night? :rockon
You've gotta get them started young! Riding motorcycle and having buttah chicken is a good combination. I am sure that's how Sonny was brought up! :)

Tempting.....but I have my son tonight and he is too little for motorcycles and buttah chicken....have fun.
1 - 5 of 28 Posts
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