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Welcome to Gerard aka G10 to BCSB!

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I'd like to welcome my best friend, and future post whore and hooligan to BCSB:laughing. he has been registered here for a while, but hasn't posted up yet. He is taking his training course at Cyclelogics next week, and will be hopefully be the proud owner of my KLX 250 as his first bike. After that...any sportbike he can handle is the limit. Some of you may have met him already at the Gillnetter

so :flip :flip :flip Welcome Gerard:flip :flip :flip to the forum that is time well wasted And heres to some roads travelled twisty in 2007! :cheers

hard to believe it was 18 years ago that we made a pact to buy and ride sportbikes when we were old enough...its also hard to believe this is finally happening when were pretty much in our thirties well better late than never lol!:rider
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he's a lucky one to get a head's up lol

:flip welcome gerard! :flip
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