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West Van Cop / Ghost Rider

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Hey Guys,

I buzzed a cop last night doing around 278 last night on the High Way. I must of woke him up or something. He gave chase, I think he was riding a supercharged Dodge. He was hauling ass after me. I must admit, I freaked out a litte, his Xmas lights kept creaping up on me. I think I need to get a gixer 750 soon. My 600 needs some more high end power. I don't want to get nailed by this doge squad car. It looked something like this, but white and blue. Anyone seen this out there? I also heard about a camero or corvette the RCMP have. Is this true? I am still looking for a Wing Man.

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niceee how much?
yea the RCMP have a camaro.... its generally in Chilliwack tho
you definately need a gixxer, but make it a 1000.
Don't forget they have radios.
that camero is supercharged too. i heard it can pace litre bikes but i may be wrong about that.
yet aNOTHER 600rr flew by a cop at a 747 takeoff speed?

I've seen one..

But it was a cream colour with a light rack in west van..
Sorry, but if you do those kinds of speeds on public roads, I hope you get busted. Save those speeds for the track, man!
I've seen the RCMP Charger in W.Van. I've also seen police ghost car Chargers in the States. Seems like the new pursuit squad car of choice.
Dodge is pushing the Charger as a replacement for the old Crown Vics.
Saw one in Vic.
Black with push bars. Vic. PD also have a black Magnum.
West Van has a black ghost Charger.

When I got pulled over at a laser trap just west of the Cypress exit going up that little hill, he was there sitting waiting to give chase.

It's totally smoke tinted, and got the bigger rims and everything... I'd have never guessed passing a car like that.
they have a black dodge charger ghost car that's usually lurking around horseshoe bay to nab all the cars/bikes that are booking it up to squamish. usually near the westview exit and caulfield exit eastbound
I should have made a complaint against the white charger last week. he was pacing me doing 55 in the construction zone and then when it hit the 90 km/h zone he took off and was doing at least 140km/h.

Way to be an example, asshole.
time to get a Hyabusa and supercharge/Turbocharge it
What's next.. They keep up-grading their rides. I need to get a gixer 1000 for sure now.

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I'll see your Carrera and raise you a Murcielago.

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There are TONS of Charger Ghost cars in Regina (RCMP Training Facility) Mostly dark grey. ohhhh and TONS. they suc
I'll see your Carrera and raise you a Murcielago.

I'll correct you and say that's a Gallardo before Furious Fiero does. ;)
Way to be an example, asshole.
It's gotta suck when your Ducati can't keep up with a Dodge, eh? :)
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