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What can you get for $150 ?

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What can you get for a $150 today ?

how about a Yosh RS-3 titanium oval pipe ? - used ofcourse but that's just what I picked up at Burnaby Kawasaki when Bruce and I went there to ask a couple of questions....

I have ordered the mounting bracket nd will be in on Wednesday, will post pictures then, the entire bike should be ready by then too...

Bruce did a fantastic job in fixing my front flushmounts....you guys should check out his garage....man he could build a hydrogen bomb in there if he wanted....:D:D Thanks Bruce....

so tomorrow I will finish the other side ofr the front upper fairing, install the PIAA lights gifted to me by a very generous Ryan - who is also pretty much doing my tail integrator thingy and teaching me the basics in electronics....:D:D:D:D

so hopefully by Monday evening the bike will be ready to roll and the yosh pipe will be on by Wednesday.....yahoooooooooo

overall a very good day.....
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Muzzy ? Kawasaki's ussually race with Hindle......only the drag racing and the 12r projects are muzzy...

no CG, I will put the stock back on for ya....it's no compeition, you will beat me in the top end, I will beat you in the lower and middle and my torque wil make your seems like needing a powerade.....:D:D:D:D - p.s. have also checked that this will be the result....

and even if I don't but the stock can back on (as I might be getting it rejetted) then I am sure there will be a stock 6R coming

get a good comparision

Ryan's - Kerker
Mine - Yosh RS-3
Bluestone's ? - stock ?
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Canadian_Gixxer said:

I keep on hearing about this class leading kawi torque, but have yet to see it :) especially with Bluestone trying to get the front wheel up :laughing :laughing joking joking.... But still, I have yet to see a 6r dyno that had more torque or power from 8k and up on the new gixxers.... i'm calling your bluff, show me the proof :) :D :p

ok, then how about a off the line holeshot challenge ? I have already beaten an F4i...only got a GSXR600 and an R6 to go....
ummm, never even thought about that.....well we will see....screw mission....Delta superport way....for pink slips baby....lol (not saying what kind of pink slips :p)

Canadian_Gixxer said:

sounds good, lets go :) though it might not be as fair, I weigh alot less than you, so you might want to get a ringer rider for your bike :) :) :D :D

in fact, come out to mission with me and jonathan this year, we'll be duking it out on the 1/4 strip.... it'll be lots of fun.... :)
Canadian_Gixxer said:

how about we race against our own bikes as well, you on mine, me on yours :)

umm.....not comfy with that....don't have the $$$ if I mess up your bike....plus I am sure Adam/Jim etc... wil be taking pictures and movies like mad....of just me riding a suz.....lol
heck I will sit on yours, even ride bitch on yours, I don't have anything against the other brands, it's just that most of you all, no names, keep beating up the Kawi. for no reason....so I have decided to be the Kawi defender....

but heck I would ride your, take it for a short ride, wouldn't mind you doing the same to mine.....but doing a holeshot challenge or wheelies and stuff....the possiblities of something going wrong on a bike not setup for me or another rider could be a big mistake....but if you just want to take mine out for a reg. road ride that's fine with me....just no wheelies....stoppies, or anything aggressive...lol :D see what I am saying ?
finally someone someone...sees the light that I have been trying to shine through the dark tunnel between these folks ears...lol, I am with ya Jamie....all the way.....

though the ZX7R had a few slight mods. in 1998.

Jamie A said:
THe motorcycle division forms a relatively small part of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, a vast firm that produces trains, boats, and planes. People like to rag on Kawi because they know its the best bike company. In 1990 the zzr1100 made 145 horsepower and 175 mph top speed. This was the fastest production streetbike 5 years later too. And now the fastest production bike is the zx12r. 2001 amasupersport champion, Eric Bostrom, and what does he ride, yes a zx6r. 2001 world supersport champion, Andrew Pitt, also zx6r. The zx7r has not been changed since "96 and is still winning races. So everyone else can get on there knees and commence the blowing.
CG - no fastest doesn't necessary mean top speed....in 2000 and the new 2002 the 12R is the world's highest hp producing production bike. in top speed the busa with 100cc more might have the kawi beat but not the 2002, especially when the electronic speed control is removed and not in acceleration.....top speed maybe....

Some series like the canadian don't allow miuch moding to the bikes well that was until the 2000-2001 series where honda brought a factory race spec. RC51 here....

and regarding suzuki's influences.....maybe suzuki can learn a few things about TRANSMISSIONS ??? :p:p

all in good fun CG.......see ya on Saturday you coming ?
adamantium said:
And why does Eric Bostrom ride a 6R? No, it's not because he can't afford the R6, it's because HE PROBABLY ISN'T ALLOWED TO RIDE ANYTHING ELSE.

Think about it.. (and I'm really certain he doesn't do a lot of street riding to begin with), but Kawi woudln't want one of their 'stars' to be seen riding some other brand, not to mention I'm sure they just give him whatever he wants..

And no, this isn't a Kawi slam.. just a point. :D

no I agree with you...the same way pepsi didn't like Britney getting caught on camera with a coke....
I am waiting for for the new GP bike to go into production which I believe they will, they will scrap the 7R and 9R and recreate the 10R....all other liter bikes....add NOS to remain competitive !!!! :D:D:D:D:D
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