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what do you think of the F4I?

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Hey guys. I just wanted to get some feedback. I just sold my ZZR250 and want to move up to a bigger bike. I didnt test ride many other bikes, but I rode a 2002 CBR600 F4I and liked it... I want a bike that looks sporty, but that I can ride for more than 5 hours before i get sore:p what do you think?
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I just bought a 2002 f4i a month and half ago. I have put almost 6000 kms on it since and I loved every one of them. I got mine for $6000. So yours seems like a good deal. Go for it! The F4i is the best all around 600cc bike. I have done some good sized trips into the interior and have had no complaints.
elevation: how many kms were on there when you got it, and was it mint and stock?
There were 17,600 kms on it. It had a muzzy pipe (I need ear plugs!), Bigger sprocket (more for racing than stunting), Racing Chain, Braided Brake Lines (Love em!), All silver no decals.

It was almost exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a f4i that had some custom things done to it. I had no intention of buying a bike but when I came across it I had to buy it. I am glad I did.

The only downside with the bigger sprocket is my speedo, odo, and trip is out of what. My speedo reads 20km/h to 40km/h more than I should be. Also every 100K I ride is actually only 77k.

Mine's red on black, reverse colours to yours. We should go for a toodle sometime. I just upgraded from a ninja 500. :rockon
With the amount of F4i riders on this site we could go for quite the "toodle"
1 - 3 of 54 Posts
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