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what do you think of the F4I?

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Hey guys. I just wanted to get some feedback. I just sold my ZZR250 and want to move up to a bigger bike. I didnt test ride many other bikes, but I rode a 2002 CBR600 F4I and liked it... I want a bike that looks sporty, but that I can ride for more than 5 hours before i get sore:p what do you think?
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now that i decided its a good bike:
i may get mine this week: 2002 red and black, 9800 KM, $6300... needs new tires(50% tread) no accidents or drops, ALL stock!($6500 with gear)
sound like a good deal?
That's a pretty decent deal. Put some money into a new helmet for yourself if you don't already have one. But onto my opinion on the F4i. I've been riding mine non stop since April and have had no issues with comfort. Even when I went on an 8 hour ride. It has plenty of power and handles like a dream. Put some money aside for good tires it makes a difference. I'm riding with Dunlop D208ZR's (I think they are also called Qualifiers) and the are wicked, great in the rain and dry. Good luck with the new bike if you get it! :rockon
Oh thanks ghost.... when i get mine well go riding lol. did you pay more or less than I am ghost?
I paid more. But am definately happy none the less. We'll definately go for a f4i ride :rockon
my bikes yellow. 100% stock except new seat covers.
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1 - 3 of 54 Posts
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