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what do you think of the F4I?

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Hey guys. I just wanted to get some feedback. I just sold my ZZR250 and want to move up to a bigger bike. I didnt test ride many other bikes, but I rode a 2002 CBR600 F4I and liked it... I want a bike that looks sporty, but that I can ride for more than 5 hours before i get sore:p what do you think?
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If you don't mind the look, the one piece seats of the 2004 and newer F4i's are nicely padded and very comfortable. I spent about 8-9 hours sitting on that kind of seat on a few rides before without any soreness at all.

It really depends on how the bike fits you specifically but I don't think it's too upright at all.

is it true with the F4i you need to rev to higher rpm's to get the power?
just need to clarify
That's probably the same for any inline 4.
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