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The Stork has come to deliver my baby!

YAY! the stork delivered my new bike today, a 2002 CBR600 F4i, just rolled over 10 000 KM today! Mint, all stock. I rode this baby for the first time today and let me tell ya is it ever an improvement over my 250 Ninja...smoother, faster, faster, did i mention faster??? Everything from the startup to the get go impresses me.... sure, its no Aprilia, but itll do!

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I have an 06 F4i, and I love it. I commute on it, and play on the weekends - it's capable of pretty much anything. I've been 1000+Km's on weekends 2 up and it's been fine for both of us. Sounds awesome with a Jardine RT-One exhaust as well (225 bucks for the F4i).

edit: I've got a Puig screen on mine, and it's soooooo much better than stock. Don't forget rear hugger as well - they only have a little plastic sqaure to protect the shock from crap. Here's my 06 with the one-piece seat ..

Mine's red on black, reverse colours to yours. We should go for a toodle sometime. I just upgraded from a ninja 500. :rockon
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