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What does Racing teach to Street?

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Hey all, i have read this article in RoadRacing World feb issue and think it is important for all sportbike riders to take a look. It is a long one but if you value your health/life, take 5 mins to read it.
For people that think racing is more dangerous than riding on the street, read on...


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Great article. Thanks!

I myself can't wait.. and Kit mentioned that the street isn't the same anymore afterwards. ;)
tchan748 said:

Got to go to the Dr to fix my shoulder now, later.

That's funny.. I was just reading Cycle Canada for this month (the one with the new Honda VFR on the cover), and they've got a racer (can't remember his name) as a 'centerfold'. He's naked just holding his helmet in a 'place'. It's got comments all around it showing all the different things he's done to his body over the years of racing. And he still races!

I think if your going to be competitive, your going to run the risk of getting just as screwed up as the article says... but at least not AS screwed up as running into a SUV with some stupid lady talking on her cel phone, getting launched over her car, into the intersection and run over by a semi. ;)

Oh, and thanks for the compliments on the site. :)
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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