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What does Racing teach to Street?

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Hey all, i have read this article in RoadRacing World feb issue and think it is important for all sportbike riders to take a look. It is a long one but if you value your health/life, take 5 mins to read it.
For people that think racing is more dangerous than riding on the street, read on...


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Probably a good thing. You'll be happier to just cruise (as in sportbike mode cruising, not cruiser cruising) when you know you don't have anything to prove.

You'll also realize how resitrictive streets or highways are with their oncoming traffic and blind corners.

I went through this with my driving after racing for a few years. I still USED my car on the street but I didn't feel like I had to prove anything. To a large extent this is still evident in my riding speeds. I'm far from the fastest guy out there but I lke to think it's my racing background that holds me in check. Well, OK that AND the expensive paint job on my fairings....

I was on a ride with my wife's Beemer club around the Duffy lake Loop. I was in the lead for about 20 minutes when a couple of them decided I was being too cautious and went around me. They were doing straights faster than me at around 130 to 150 while they were in sight and went around blind corners with drops on the outside at serious speeds. And remember that this is an area that has mucho wildlife in the woods and suffers from rock falls onto the road on a regular basis. How they havn't had an accident is beyond me.

Or maybe I'm just a wuss.....

(donning Kevlar Jockey shorts........:D )
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Kit said:

....... just look at harley riders, they LOVE riding and there bikes but never set foot on a track:)
That's a bare faced LIE. Harley riders often can be seen at race tracks......... at the BEER gardens.......... :D
Lookin' good there Spero. Now I KNOW that vid was from a school day. At least two of you are showing way better form than the video guys did.

Did you take the course last year? How many races or days did you do since then?

PS; Just saw your post count so I guess a mighty big :flip WELCOME ABOARD :flip is appropriate. :D
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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