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What does Racing teach to Street?

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Hey all, i have read this article in RoadRacing World feb issue and think it is important for all sportbike riders to take a look. It is a long one but if you value your health/life, take 5 mins to read it.
For people that think racing is more dangerous than riding on the street, read on...


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Thanks to tchan for encouraging me to go to all the track days and motorcycle schools. I've been to the Reg Squidmore one and the Keith Code school at the Streets of Willow in LA. (BTW, the Keith Code Superbike school I went to was the first all women's school - 60 ladies!!!) I've never had more fun, gone faster or felt safer!

The skills I acquired on the track also transfer to the street, but I don't even feel like riding on the streets much anymore...and when I do, it's fun to just cruise.

If you've got something to prove, bring it to the track :p
yah - what ARE you doing up at 10 in the am????
I was sure you were a vampire or something :D
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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