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wheeeeeeee (well on tuesday anyway)

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Went down and picked out a bike today. They had to pull it from the warehouse so I'll get it on Tues. Just waiting for the financing to be approved. AFter weeks of reading reviews and talking to people I think this years bikes are so close in ride that I decided to go with an r6.
Interesting story actaully. I went down to pacific yamaha to test drive a 2001 they had left over. When I got there it was sold so he let me test drive a brand new r6 with no miles on it. It felt great! oh how I miss it. So anyway then I go over to richmondmotorsports and ask to test drive a gsxr-600 because I had just ridden the r6 and wanted to compare. The guy was like, nope sorry, I might have one in a month or two you could test drive. So it was a kind of ... ok sorry bud you just lost a 11,400 dollar sale. I managed to get yamaha to drop over 500 off list price too so I'm happy..... now I get to ride :):):)

see you guys next week on the road on my new black/red r6. I figure by getting it this soon it will be good and broken in by the time the really good weather starts showing up. :)

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Congrats man. Sweet ride.
Check it out, we've added one more to the pack.
bl1tz said:
fcok !!
i overpayed big time

???How much did you pay ? I got mine for $9600 OTD with a trade in....so got the taxes partly paid for....

you also have to remember you got your bike last year, the 2002 is no different from the 2000 except the color scheme....
I got my 2002 ZX-6R for $9475 OTD last Tuesday. Usually though I believe it is $10,800 OTD
arai said:
hmmmm... yamaha.ca has the listed price at 11,400 before import/levies/taxes whatever I got mine for I think 10,700 before taxes. I figured it was an ok deal after seeing the yamaha list price. Some of you have got it for under 10,700 After frieght and taxes?! thats not good (for me anyway)
I got mine for 10,500 plus taxes + assembly.. I walked out at 12,200 I think.

Your getting an '02, I think that's a resonable deal, I don't think anyone saved tonnes over you on a new R6. They've been in demand ever since they came out and the dealers know they are going to sell.
$11,862.07 out the door :) around July though.
Why bother stressing yourself out and making you feel like you get taken? No matter what kind of deal you got or think you got, someone out there did better. And some of you have had it for longer so you have been able to enjoy it more. But if you are happy with your bike then do not sweat it.

I remember when I bought my first brand new bike. I had never dealt with salespeople for a major purchase before, and got completely raped. I did not find this out until a few months later though, and the more I dwelled on it the more it bugged me. Until then I was completely happy but after a few people told me what I should have paid, it eventually got to me.

In the grand scheme of things it did not mattter, my bike was written off three months after I bought it and ICBC paid me the total cost minus $200. So I got a good deal after all, I basically rented a bike for 3 months for just $200! :)
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Have to agree with vresckler, you can't bug yourself about it... someone always gets paid more to do the same.

Speaking of this though, did you pick up the bike arai?
grrrrrrr no, I was waiting for a call yesterday and didn't get any so I phoned them. ... "Oh yeah I remember you, I should have something for you, I think I forgot to put your financing papers through" ... what?!?! *sigh* so now I'm waiting for the bank stuff to come through, the guy forgot to even file the stuff. Looks like my happy day is going to be delayed a bit. I dont think they're gonna pull the bike from the warehouse till they get the financing back so that'll be another day...... i want my bike

Well, first off, I'd try and get something for their screw up. I'm assuming you had everything straight to walk in, sign the papers and ride out?

In addition to this, they have R6's lying around at Pacific Yamaha, would you not be buying one of those?!
heh well I was picky enough to say I want a red :) , and they didn't have those on the floor the day I went in. I've been busy at work so its not too bad. Hopefully I'll get it before I know it and can start breaking her in :)

one day closer

quick update, all the information was eaten up by his fax machine, thats what caused the delay, I just got the "everything's a go" phone call sweeeeeeeet. There not open late yet so I'll have to wait till saturday, hope the weather cooperates.


my bikes comes saturday:cool :D :laughing :laughing :D
jesus that's to many smileys
I'll go pick it up for you if you like.. :D

Thursday's supposed to be nice.. rest of the week looks like it sorta sucks...
your so kind :) I think I'm gonna take off from work early tomorrow and grab a taxi down there, Saturday's just too far off :)

I'm right down the street on Annacis....i could pick it up for ya too. Just give me the word and I'll pick it up and drop it off. I'll even take care of the break-in for ya:D .

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