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Haha first run in with the coppers! I was at a light all
by myself and I thought 'hmm a wheelie would be good
right about now', so I cranked her back, did a good sized
wheelie! Ah that felt good! Putting her down, oh what is that
man in the yellow jacket doing running across my lane? Better
slow down! Ah sh*t a copper! Blah blah bah grow up, you could
kill yourself, where do you live blah blah blah! Luckily he was a
m/c copper and you let me go, would have been $1000+ in fines!
In any case watch for the coppers on s/e marine and fraser!
Gotta be more careful where I crank those wheelies!:devillook

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Luckily he was a
m/c copper and you let me go, would have been $1000+ in fines!
How the hell did you manage to get away with only a warning?....I know some girls wear tight shirts, and they say that works for them......maybe he was a little sweet on you lmao....now I know why he was asking where you lived :laughing

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Had a similar thing happen to me on Friday...
Going north on Granville, I was stopped at the light (first up)...Looked in the mirror and thought it was a cab behind me...Light goes green, no cars in front of me, wheelie it is....

Wait in traffic to turn left on 16th, and look back in mirror again (only this was a double take)... That's not a cab... FCUK....

Got pulled over by two blonde female cops... "so do you know y I'm pullin you over?" .... "That depends on how long you've been behind me..." ....
They both started laughing, and just gave me a friendly warning ...
Horseshoe's have been all used up this season I think...(Randy knows exactly what I mean)...

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Lucky guy for only getting a warning. Theres a time and a place for wheelies, that was neither.

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the cops are out everythere now..its sketchy
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