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· Been there, Wrecked that!
'21 Vulcan 900 Custom
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:flip Welcome to BCSB :flip

I come from the interior... Reside in Vancity.

· Learning the hard way.
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You have a computer on your ladder?

· Registered
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A giant clam shell

· User And Abuser
4,568 Posts
I was born from the old carling black label stubby bottle circa 1977, well about a bakers dozen of thiose. actually, my dad was to cheap to produce me as the result of quality beer! After this nasty event I resided in East Van, and settled the majority of my life in the tri cities.

· Vindicated
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Hey, Ork is better than where I'm really from. :laughing

And that's a top shhhhhhhh secret.
1 - 20 of 84 Posts
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