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What Do You Ride?

  • Aprilia

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • BMW

    Votes: 1 0.3%
  • Buell

    Votes: 2 0.6%
  • Ducati

    Votes: 5 1.5%
  • Honda

    Votes: 96 29.3%
  • Kawasaki

    Votes: 82 25.0%
  • Suzuki

    Votes: 66 20.1%
  • Triumph

    Votes: 4 1.2%
  • Yamaha

    Votes: 65 19.8%
  • Other....Please State

    Votes: 7 2.1%

Which do you ride?

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Okay everyone,

What type of bike do you ride. If you have more than one, which do you perfer?

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Well gang,
I just put in my vote and it looks like Suzuki's are in the lead. I have to say I've got a F4i too, honda's rock as well!!! I know because I'm probably the only girl that rides a busa....sorry guys. And Wayne's right all the honda's are riding with the vrom group. In my opinion it doesn't matter what you ride as long as you're riding. Cheers:rider
I also picked "other". I can't say which bike is more fun to ride than the other as they're all different.
It looks like the Kawi's have gotten their second wind. :)
That's cause they are a good entry bike:laughing :laughing :rider
I had a '98 Ninja 7R...out-dated and kinda on the heavy side...but a great bike! however, this year i got a 954....a lot lighter and handles much better!
I think Kawasaki is more popular due to a more "real world, street rider" design. Yes some of the models are a long in the tooth, but in general I find the fit and overall handling/performance better for the street. The other manufacturers look great in mags and on the track but I want to ride on real roads and have a bike that can handle the odd pothole or dip or patch in the road, I also want to ride all day and not require physical therapy.
I think Kawasaki's are a more forgiving entry bike, but I think you will also find that people with more experience on the road tend to go back to Kawasaki after a number of years of riding.

I ride a ZX-12R and wouldn't trade it for any other bike, unfortunately I am broke and have to sell it, but I will get another one for next year.
Currently riding 2000 R1. Had a 1999 R6 and 2000 Gixxer 750 before. Will never get a kawaSUCKY:flip Honda is ok though. Ducati... hmmm only if I got the $$:)
looks like Suzuki wins.... hmmm I wonder why..........

:alien <superior technology.....
Looking forward to a Kawi myself....
Suzuki. Why? Fast, cheap, and good looks. Not many bikes under a litre beat my 97 750...in the turns too! A GSXR 750 and a 600 are literally the same bike but with a bigger motor and swingarm etc.
In my experience, 600,750,1000 doesn't matter in the turns on the street. It is ALL rider. The same people that will beat you in the turns on a 600 will beat you in the turns on a 1000 or 1200 as well. I know I have a lot to learn with respect to cornering, but I have completely blown away GSXR750's in corners with my ZX-12R on extremely twisty roads with virtually no straight stretches. I am not that good of a rider in my opinion, but the person riding the 750 was worse so I won. I don't really think the model or size of sportbike I was riding would make a difference to either of us.
If we were pro's on a track and skills were equal then that is a different story, but most people on the street don't fit into that mold.
So once you get over what the mags say and listen to what makes for a fun ride you may start to change your mind. Or maybe not, either way you are having fun, it just may not be as comfortable as it could be.
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So you're saying that the SAME rider will go just as fast through a set of corners on a Hayabusa as on a Gix 600? I've had people riding larger bikes whiz past me in a corner. Sure. I'm not interested in dragging my knee on the street and they are maybe.

And to the guy in the Mustang that thinks he beat me in a race I wasn't racing you. I was cruising.

You can pass a lot of GSXR-750s in the corners sure. But are they RACING you or are they riding at their own pace? Which may be slower than you....
To boil it down more I would say ignore the mags and who was riding what on the superbike circuit and pick a bike that fits you well and is comfortable for day to day riding. If you want to corner fast, the money and time is better spent on improving your technique instead of buying a bike that is meant for the track thinking it will make you a better rider.
Well said. I doubt I'd ever need more bike than a 750. Unless they discontinue it soon...
Hmmm, well I guess I should confess that due to my poor cornering ability I have gone with the ZX-12R to attempt to make it up on the straights. So I guess I sort of threw money at the problem instead of improving my technique:laughing
But it was comfortable enough to ride down to San Diego and back, and I have a bad back. And 178.4 HP is hard not to have fun with.
Whitedragon said:
Looking forward to a Kawi myself....
me too whitedragon...
or should i say fellow [Peacemaker]...:p

nice to see u on the board Bryer (spelling!?)
mospeed21 said:

me too whitedragon...
or should i say fellow [Peacemaker]...:p

nice to see u on the board Bryer (spelling!?)

Yeah you're awesome at CS u schooled @ Rush that night...
hey I told u I sick.

I think I have to lean to a Kawi...well cause Bl1tz has one and
since he's always stealing my thunder I thought
now is the chance to steal his

He just better lay off the helmet I'm getting :p :laughing
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Well I've got a R6.. One day I'll have a MV Agusta.. and Ducati.. side by side:D

I wonder when are we getting first buell's or BMW's on the poll:confused
Husaberg SuperMotard 650
2 Canam sonics
650 bmw sidecar
klr 250

I prefer the Husaberg!:D
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