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Who Is Coming This Friday?(march 1st)!!!!!??????

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So who wants to come out for a ride this friday? (weather premitting). Possible destinations: Squamish, Whiterock...open to suggestions.
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shiet...... i can't make it
what time you guys planning on heading out?
you know im in you mofos
i'll meet up with you guys around 2ish
let's keep the destination off the msg board..... HAHAHHAA
blah... chinese oral exam :(
can't be that hard...;)
dalton's in too
there should be some great roads out in white rock man....
fockin 3 1000cc vtwins and my lowly 600inline 4
LimitedEdition said:

Man today's ride was so sad that I doubt I am gonna insure until after my exams.


you focker... why did you take off so fast on the highway?
i was having brain freezes (like the kind when you drink slurpees too fast) riding home on the #1 so i had to slow down.
hit a new top speed catching up to you though... hehehe:D
1 - 5 of 36 Posts
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