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who wants to ride this weekend?

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ride on sat or sun?
im gonna put 1day insurance on it
sign up guys
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oooh ooohh me me me me me :) :tredmill
i do
look at atomlowes post about sunday's ride
im up for one of the weekend days..
but not both..
i gots homework
Whatever happens, happens. But I'm up for anything ppl. Give me a direction and thats the way I'll go:D . Lets see how many people we can get together this weekend.

like i said, im up for it, if you don't mind a newbie tagging along:)

Hmmmmm, mabe I'll have to get papers for a day on the weekend too. :D
lets go go go!!!!!

sunday plz......
how's SUNDAY for everyone?
Sundays good for me weather permitting...
How about Friday =) I got no school and no work and the weather forecast is CLEAR for that day. Sunday might rain.
Actually kev is right,

Maybe we should go friday.... if most of us are just puting a one day paper on, its gotta be nice... or else its a waste of our 32 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what time are you guys free on friday?
im free after 1 so around 2 or so ...
bl1tz said:
what time are you guys free on friday?
im free after 1 so around 2 or so ...

but around 2-3 is when the weekend rush home starts.....
Hey Chuckie .. SKIP SKIP SKIP .. I know you wanna =) haha .. well we might insure this Friday for a day ride (only if its warm enough) .. If your off at 1pm .. we can meet you on our way back and head down to Whiterock (we were gonna do the 'Atomlowe' ride =) I wanna break my bike in so badly.
I still got 800 kms to go so I'm in for any day anytime as long as there is no rain.:tredmill
fock can't skip man..
i skipped all my early morning classes this week so friday's class will be my first one since reading break..hahahahaha
everyone who wants to ride go post on atomlowe's thread
this one has been bastardized
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