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I changed to Aerostitch gear about 4 years ago and have been extrmely satisfied with their products and services and have just sent in my Darien Jacket and pants in for warranty work (and a cleaning and REwaterproofing) after 80,000 km in 20 months,

Here is the email I received today

Hi Bill,

I received your Darien Jacket and Pants in for a clean, inspect, water
repellent service and repairs a couple of days ago. After washing your
suit, reading the enclosed note, and looking over your suit, I have
marked for the following to be performed:


1) Cat# 256- Clean, Inspect, Water Repellent Service: $25.00
2) Replace one piece of pad loop velcro: Warranty
3) Replace the seam tape at the collar: Warranty
4) Add seam tape to the abraded areas: Warranty
5) Install rectangular pieces of back pad loop velcro: Warranty


6) Cat# 257- Clean, Inspect, Water Repellent Service: $20.00
7) Replace four pieces of knee pad loop velcro: Warranty
8) Restitch the left leg reflective panel: Warranty
9) Replace seam tape as needed: Warranty

Work Total: $45.00
Return Shipping and Handling: Warranty
TOTAL: $45.00

I have marked for the clean, inspect, water repellent service to be
performed to your jacket as you had requested.

I have marked for one piece of pad loop velcro to be replaced as it has
started to pull loose. The pad loop velcro pieces are the pieces of
velcro on the inside of your jacket that the back, shoulder, and elbow
pads attach to.

I have marked for the seam tape at the collar to be replaced as it has
started to pull loose.

I have marked for seam tape to be added to the abraded areas in your
jacket where the hook velcro pieces of the back, shoulder, and elbow
pads have worn at the inner lining of your jacket.

I have marked for rectangular pieces of back pad loop velcro to be
installed which will help prevent the hook velcro pieces that are
attached to your back pad.

I have marked for the clean, inspect, water repellent service to be
performed to your pants as you had requested. When performing this
service to a jacket and pant, we consider it as a complete suit and
charge the same as we would for a one piece suit ($45.00 instead of
$50.00). So, I have adjusted the cost on the clean, inspect, water
repellent service for the pants from $25.00 to $20.00.

I have marked for four pieces of knee pad loop velcro to be replaced as
they have started to pull loose. These are the loop velcro pieces on the
inside of your pants that the knee pads attach to.

I have marked for the left leg reflective panel to be restitched as the
stitching on the left leg reflective panel is torn.

I have marked for seam tape to be replaced as needed as seam tape
throughout the pants has started to pull loose, mostly at the fly, butt,
and inseams.

We currently have a two week repair time, with additional time for
return shipping. However, the work to your suit should be completed
quicker than the listed two week repair time.

I have set for your suit to ship, when ready
We are going to proceed with the work to your suit. When the work has
been completed, I will give you a call to take care of the balance and
to let you know that your suit is about to ship out.


This is exceptional service

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daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn now that's customer service. guy doesn't even have to smile but prolly was while typing out the e-mail. good stuff to hear!!

Can they fix my leaky crotch 1 piece?
That's something to ask the protologist..:laughing

Seriously.. my suit's very old and the waterproofing gave up the ghost years ago. I tried all the nasty gortex crap, the sprays the tent sealers and almost everything else.
I took some clear silicone, thinned it in alcohol, to a brushable state and then put it all over the suit. It may have bunged up the breath-ability but it does not leak any more.
.. actual results may vary.

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My Darien jacket, pants, and liner came to about the same at roughly $1200.

Worth every penny in my mind. Fantastic gear.

I would be interested in seeing how clean they actually get your gear Bill. It was filthy when I saw it last year, so I can imagine how it is now:)

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No argument about the service... How much did you pay for the suit? $1,400? QUOTE]

I have a Roadcrafter that I crashed in (50mph getoff at a riding School) and I got up and walked away. Some of the suits leak in the crotch, at least some do, (Michael's doesn't) It is a problem with the suit and how it gets put on, how you seal the velcro and how you sit on the bike (pooling)

They openly discuss this on their site.

Waterproofing Zippers?

The Roadcrafter’s unique zipper arrangement can become a source of water entry in extremely wet conditions. To dramatically improve performance in severe conditions use either a wash-in water repellent or hand seal these areas: 1) Stitching and knit zipper fabric around both underarm zips; 2.) The knit zipper fabric along the right leg zipper; 3.) The stitching and knit zipper fabric along the left leg zipper from two inches above the bottom of the Velcro flap, to below the knee.

Wash-in repellents like Nikwax TX Direct® penetrate everywhere during laundering. In addition to improving breathability in wet conditions, they minimize leaks around zippers. Seam sealing products like Seam Grip®, should be thinned enough to completely soak into the fabric, thread, and stitching. (Use Cotol® or toulene.) Apply sealant to both the knit zipper fabric and the stitching.

I decided I didn't want to drag around rain gear and wanted a more all round riding setup so I bought a Darien Jacket w/ Windblock Kanetsu Electric Liner
($597) Darien Pants ($297)

The Darien is described as

High performance, all-weather, all-purpose riding tools for 'no limit' touring, dual sport, and off-road riding. In atrocious weather this gear will outperform whatever you now wear. Designed for extreme temperature variances with a longer, looser cut and wider comfort range, the Dariens year 'round versatility and advanced design features will impress you on and off your bike, wherever you travel.


I move my hip and back armour back and forth from my one piece

This outfit is dry, warm when in the Artic, comfortable in the desert at 35 c and waterprrof in the storms that radiated from Hurricane Katrina

I have slept outside in the suit many nights and it has been flawless.

I bought Hi Viz Yellow in the jacket for safety

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I picked up my Darien jacket /Kanestu liner/pant combo this year. I was at the same place, where I didn't want to haul around a rainsuit anymore. The strong Canadian dollar allowed me to get it delivered for $922CAN. Priciest gear I have ever purchased, yet worth every penny.

I have done 16000 km in it this year through northern BC, Yukon and Alaska. Didn't get wet once . Left Fraser Camp, Yukon this Sept when it was 2 deg C, and rode the next 1460 km in snow, sleet and then rain with the temp never getting over 8 deg C. Once again, not a drop of moisture got through. The stuff is fantastic.

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Bill is correct.
My Roadcrafter does not leak in the crotch.

If I can add correctly, it's got 140,000 miles on it now, and still performs flawlessly, and looks damn good too.

I have one warranty issue that I have not dealt with, a dome fastener (snap) at the left leg drifted loose, and I haven't replaced it. Actually, the suit came with an "emergency," repair kit, and the replacement was there, but I've misplaced the kit.

The one and only time I've ever had a "internal humidity event," in my 'Stich was riding through Montreal and Ottawa during the aftermath of Katrina, in the Iron Butt Rally. I had my rear vent, and underarm vents open, and some moisture got in there.

I like the one piece, however, my next set will be the Darien two piece, for additional conveniece sake. Between the two 'Stich's, and my leathers, I believe I'm fully equipped to ride the world!:coffee

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Now that Belstaff is out of the MC clothing business I think that Aerostich is the only way to go for all weather gear. I'm going to try the one-piecer when the time comes to replace my current Belstaff.:cheers
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